WP4: Immunogenicity

The training in WP4 Immunogenicity will be built on GSK’s know-how in vaccine formulation, adjuvant technology, immunochemistry and immunization techniques to provide state-of-the-art education on these complex topics from experts working in these fields. PAVax will combine the above described technologies to gain structural insights in PA/SA polysaccharides and their immunochemical properties but the gathered knowledge and training of the ESRs can be utilized in the conception of new and improved vaccines to various other (antibiotic resistant) target bacteria. The multidisciplinary training will prepare the ESRs not only for future research in vaccinology, but it will provide them with a background suitable to take on any challenging (drug- discovery) project in the Life Sciences. It will train the students in a project “bench-to-bedside” and expose them to the complete drug discovery/development pipeline.